How to make a bouquet you’re proud of – the DIY way
DIY Bouquet

Different types of DIY bouquets

DIY doesn’t particularly save the planet by using less resources, but let’s be honest – it feels good to display something you’ve made.

DIY Bouquet Tip #1

Mix and match – remember most great things come out of random experiments.

The options are limitless, don’t box yourself in to some combination of flowers. You’re the queen of that bouquet, better start acting like it.

Do what works for you and the budget you’ve allotted.

DIY Bouquet Tip #2

Flowers are seasonal, keep that in mind

We’re not sure if you knew, but most flowers grow only in particular months.

Peonies, for example, aren’t readily available in the summer months. Hydrangea, on the other hand, can be found all year round, as they’re grown in green houses.

What you need:

  • The flowers of your choice

  • Foliage

  • Raffia or string

  • A small vase

  • Water

The Flowers of your choice

Step 1: Get the flowers

You can buy the flowers from either a flower market, an online wholesaler or even a grocery store.

Decide what you’re willing to spend on it, then go on a shopping spree.

Step 2: Choose the workspace

Your kitchen is probably the best space, as you’ll make a small mess of leaves and petals. If you prefer, you can do it somewhere outdoor.

Bouquets can embellish your home

Step 3: Pick the focal Flower

Choose the central flower and then add 3-4 stems of foliage to circle the first one. It should sit just under the tips of the leaves.

Add the second variety of flowers next to the foliage. Continue to place the rest of the flowers around the initial one in the shape of a circle.

Step 4: Secure the bouquet

Use either about a meter of raffia or garden string to wrap around the stems a few times. At the end, tie the ends closely to secure the whole arrangement.

The dinning table never looked to good


You just finished your bouquet. Congrats are in order!

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