Autumn is ever-approaching; spiced with spooky paraphernalia, cozy
sweaters, and the coveted PSL. So many holidays and events are around the corner,
and what better way to celebrate than with flowers! Buying flowers is perfect for
gift-giving or to complement those colorful leaves outside your window. Lucy’s
Flowers offer an Autumn Love floral arrangement that would be great for those who
can’t decide what fall florals they want, it comes pre-selected! You can also order a
custom flower delivery with Lucy’s Flowers if your busy schedule doesn’t allow you
to stop and smell the roses (in the florist shop, that is).
If you’re looking for blossoms that thrive in your garden look no further than
marigolds; whose petals come in fall hues and flourish right before the cold of
winter. Marigolds are perfect for repelling bugs from your garden due to the scent
they give off. For cool shades of violet that will last throughout November, floss
flowers are darling additions to your garden beds. Also known as the Mexican
paintbrush, they look like fluffy fireworks crossed with pom-pom balls. Quite the
statement flower. If simplicity is more your style the marguerite daisy might be
your new favorite. It looks like your quintessential daisy but it lasts all fall long, in
addition, the petals close at night and open in the morning. Meaning you could
catch their opening with a cup of spiced tea on mild September mornings. What’s
better than that? If your thumb isn’t that green though, go to Lucy’s Flowers and
order the Mui bouquet, which contains breathtaking buds that will liven any space
in your home.
For autumnal brides, your wedding flowers should consist of ombré dahlias
which come in shades of fading orange, red, and yellow. If you fancy the exotic, try
burnt orange or mustard yellow orchids for a show-stopping flower. For something
softer, try apple blossom roses that come in creamy, peach, and light pink. You
could even add some berries to your bouquets, like raspberries or cranberries
which add a rustic touch. To accent, try olive branches, proteas, and craspedias— a
nod to the barren trees of fall. Velvet ribbons colored like the warm-toned leaves
would be a lovely touch to wrap your bouquet. Or try black satin lace and green ivy
vines for a more gothic touch. Scorpio brides may be interested in adding their
favorite tarot card, giving mystical and magical energy to make their arrangement
one of a kind. Connecting the supernatural with the natural beauty of gorgeous
flowers. Your fresh bouquet will last long after your special day, especially if curated
by Lucy! They could last forever if you decide to press them too!

Speaking of dried bouquets, this is the perfect time of the year to do so.
Wedding flowers can now last a lifetime with this simple project, adding a
creepy-spooky-romantic touch to your home decor!
This is a step by step, how you can dry out your flowers in their original condition:
First: Cut any ribbon, binding, or tape holding your bouquet together. You don’t
want any moisture to be trapped on the stems.
Second: Detach any unwanted or damp foliage from the bouquet, you want this to
be as dry as possible starting. Use dry twine to gather the flowers together. Have
excess twine so you can hang the bouquet easily.
Third: Hang upside down in a dark, cool, dry place. Think: your pantry, powder
closet, or attic (for that extra spooky element). Wait for about three weeks. Leave
longer if necessary.
Fourth: Voila! You’ve successfully dried out a magnificent bouquet into an elegant
and timeless piece of natural art. Display it over your bed frame, on your bathroom
door, or in a vase by your favorite window.

If you prefer to put your flowers behind glass to hang up as an art piece, this is how
you press your flowers.
First: Use your flowers in their freshest state. This will help to preserve that vibrant
and flawless beauty. If you wait too long they may wilt and become blemished. To
start, you’ll need to get some wax paper. Arrange your flowers to how you desire
them to appear in the frame. You won’t be able to move them once you start
pressing so make sure it is customized to your liking.
Second: Lay the flowers with wax paper covering the top and bottom. Place the wax
paper-covered blossoms between a heavy book, such as a textbook or phone book.
Place more heavy objects on top of the book, layering it as flat as possible.
Third: Leave for about seven to ten days in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Fourth: Once time has passed, carefully remove the flowers from the book. Get a
picture frame and place the dried flowers delicately. Arrange to your liking.
Fifth: Enjoy your DIY floral piece that will last you a lifetime. Now, every time you
walk past and see your pressed flowers you’ll think of your autumnal wedding.
Happy fall and make sure to check out Lucy’s Flowers located in Brooklyn, NY this
upcoming season!