Springtime Florals for Your Home
The days grow longer, the snow melts, and the flowers bloom into an ocean of color for all to witness. Spring is the time to maximize breathtaking blossoms inside your home with popular flowers for the season. First step, acquiring the floral treasures. Flower picking is a popular activity as the weather warms up. Perfect for a date, outing with girlfriends, or some solo time; I’ll be heading to a garden and gathering flowers near me! Or if picking flowers isn’t your speed, try a floral delivery. If you’re looking for NYC flower delivery, check out Lucy’s Flowers, a local florist who has every bouquet your heart desires this spring. Daffodils are the classical spring blossom. A symbol of rebirth and new beginnings with a
buttery yellow that attracts bees and people alike. These pair well with dandelion flowers for an airy and joyous coupling in your living room. Ask your local flower designer to add some greenery and berries for an earthy and fresh flower arrangement. If yellow isn’t your thing, daffodils come in a stunning pink or innocent white, a contemporary accent to your home during Easter time. Send flowers to anyone in your life who’s going through spring cleaning. Daisies are a superb choice, they represent true love, purity, and birth. For a beautiful flower arrangement pair daisies with peonies, which are the trendiest flower this season. Place this pair in your kitchen for a fresh and breezy pick-me-up everytime you go to cook or grab a snack. So pretty. If you have a daughter, she would love the Sweet Pea flower. This blossom symbolizes blissful pleasure, good friendship, and kindness. It’s a popular flower for the month of April, so head out with her to a floral shop and pick some up! Lucy’s Flowers is perfect for NYC flowers, with same day flowers that make it easy to grab and go. Sweet Pea also is a fly repellent, making it ideal to place near the front door or outside your home.
Something soothing for your home office, try Lily of the Valley. These delicate bloom flowers have a history of sweetness, motherhood, and humility. They blossom in colors of purple, pink, and most famously, white. I’ll be ordering some at a flower shop near me and indulging in their sweet appearance as I work on spring arrangements and read. Lily of the Valley has no relation to lilies, which are super popular in the spring. Flower shopping is a breeze when you are buying lilies. There’s so many to choose from: Easter lily, Orange lily, Golden-rayed lily, Stargazer lily. My favorite is to order online flower delivery since lilies are very fragile and have them shipped to my home. Floral flowers I pair with
lilies are irises and poppies for an eye-catching arrangement in my bathroom. For cheap flowers, I create my own floral arrangements from my family’s garden which in spring has an abundance of roses! Roses are classic all year long but especially in the spring. Pink roses symbolize admiration and happiness, and orange ones indicate excitement and desire. I enjoy white roses for a clean and fresh look in my sunroom. Lucy’s Flowers has affordable flowers with rose varieties, like Precious. A mix of pink roses, peonies, cream ranunculus and white lisianthus  it’s a soft and timeless
bouquet arrangement. Perfect for a dining table or foyer this spring. Lastly, Honeysuckle should be on your list for springtime flowers. Its sweet honey scent fills up a room like no other, perfect to place in your living room while you entertain guests. Honeysuckles are a sign of pure happinesses and everlasting bonds, which is exactly needed for the upcoming seasons. Honeysuckles make for a unique flower arrangement, with a flaming orange color or vibrant pink.
Order some today at Lucy’s Flowers, the best flower delivery NYC has to offer!