April showers bring May flowers and springtime florals are back again in full bloom. Are you looking to send flowers to someone? Mother’s Day flowers come with the month of May and here’s the guide to what bouquets to pick up or get a Mother’s Day flower delivery all from floral designer and Brooklyn florist Lucy’s Flowers. She offers the most fresh flowers in New York City year round making her the only floral destination for last minute flowers or elaborate floral arrangements well beyond Mother’s Day. You ask yourself what flowers you should get your mom? Well here’s your guide based on her astrological signs and elements. Be sure to do your flower shopping with Lucy’s Flowers this Mother’s Day, she does online flower deliveries for all of NYC and Brooklyn floral needs.For Earth sign moms, she’s a woman who is practical, detail-oriented, grounded,and down-to-earth of course. Mother’s Day falls under the sign of Taurus and if your mom’s birthday is in May, she will adore boutique flowers made up of roses, poppies, and lily flowers. Roses represent everlasting love, romance, beauty and courage and fall under Venus, the planet that rules over Taurus. Poppies are representative of remembrance, hope, and grow abundantly during this time of year. Lily is a perfect option for Taurus moms, it can be enjoyed as a luxury blossom that will sure impress any guests she has over for her birthday. Order a birthday bouquet for mom as well, Tauruses love flowers being a child of spring and the earth. Lucy’s Flowers are a luxurious floral experience being trusted by the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel,and Marie Claire Magazine for their floral needs, your Taurus mom will be beyond impressed with the bouquet she receives. For the Virgo moms they are drawn to orchid flowers with their brilliant violet coloring and delicate stems. Orchids represent love, luxury, beauty and strength; all traits that embody Virgo. Virgo is a sign of tidiness, timeliness, and strength for her children. Send flowers to Virgo’s doorstep and she’ll be smitten with your thoughtfulness. They value someone who takes the time to send them gorgeous gifts while also valuing their busy schedules. For the last Earth mom, Capricorn is up. Capricorn moms are determined, attention-focused, hard-working women who love a deal. Cheap flowers are a favorite of this sign, like daisies and baby breath. Daisy symbolizes sweetness and purity of heart as well as nature spirits,love and children. Capricorns get along anywhere making ivy another charming choice for these sea goats. These earthy mom’s also are hands on, so consider booking a flower class with a florist to
expand her wisdom in the language of flora. Same day flower delivery is needed for the next element: air. Their intellectual (slightly scatterbrained) and flighty nature make it that ordering flowers must be done right away or they’ll forget. Lucy’s Flowers offers online flower delivery and one day flower delivery for even the most airheaded sign. Now onto the flowers and first up is Gemini. Lily of the valley is the flower of May, one of Gemini’s months. These little bell-shaped flora means sincerity, joy, love,and luck; perfect for your Gemini mama.Both sides of her will appreciate this thoughtful gifting of Lily of the Valley. Another flower (more of an herb) that embodies Gemini’s personable nature is lavender. Lavender is a perfect option for Gemini moms, it can be enjoyed as a fresh flower bouquet and then a dried flowers bouquet. Your Gemini mom can use it in making
beauty products or culinary properties, making it a pretty purple flower arrangement that keeps on giving. Water Bearing mothers, Aquarius, will take delight in unique flower arrangements. Try, bird of paradise, banksia, protea, yucca, and aloe flowers for a vibrant and green bouquet. Aquarius moms love plants, they see them as strange children from nature. For a more violet vibe, try iris, primrose, and well violet! These purple plants will leave an Aquarius breathless at their beauty and unique shapes. Lastly, well-balanced Libra moms who strive to have harmony in all that they do. The best flower to get them is to actually take them to a flower store! They will be drawn to all the colors, scents, and sights. If you simply must stop by a floral shop, pick up bluebells and marigolds.These contrasting colors offer a striking yet balanced bouquet to give to the sign of the scales. Mothers of the emotions: the ever-flowing water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The most mothering of the moms is Cancer and her pick of flora is simple and sweet (like she): white rose.Get your local florist to arrange something tasteful bud with some other white flowers like Queen Anne’s Lace, white jasmine, and hydrangea. These blossoms will remind her of her ruling planetary body, the moon, with their wide and white appearance. Switching to the next water sign is the Scorpio mother, ruled by Pluto and Mars, making this mama drawn to dark red and black hues. They’ll take delight in a gift of geraniums, which come in deep reds and purples. For a more interactive pick, a venus fly trap would be a lovely choice for this mom. Whatever you decide, your Scorpio mom will know you picked flowers with love. Final water sign: the swimming Pisces.Your Pisces mother is filled with dreamy qualities and has a sensitive and soft spoken nature. For this reason the water lily is the ideal flower to give her. The water lily connects reality with spirituality, just like this water sign. Order a floral bouquet with water lily as the centerpiece in combination with mugwort and witch hazel, for their healing and mystical properties. She’ll be taken aback by the thoughtful and insightful bouquet arrangement with this winning trio. Flower shopping doesn’t seem like a fire sign’s trait but I promise you, your hot headed mother will appreciate flowers from the heart, even if she doesn’t show it. Eco flowers will be a huge hit with your Saggiturius mom, a lover of all things nature from hiking, swimming, to star gazing. Carnations pair perfectly: due to their symbolization of adventure, ecology, love and sturdy nature. This floral gift will bring a smile to her face on Mother’s Day. Next, the zodiac star and queen of the sun: Leo and their flower is of course, the sunflower. The iconic sunflower represents warmth, joy,and loyalty just like the sign of the lion. The sunflower makes for great preserved flower arrangements adding a rustic and lively touch to any room. If you’re in a pinch try a flower delivery Brooklyn and order a trio of gerbera, crocosmia, and dahlia. A bright and colorful arrangement to make your Leo mother proud of you! The beginning of the zodiac and spark of flame: Aries! Your mom is strong, brave, and slightly over-protective(you’re her baby so it makes sense!) To match her headstrong sensibilities get her a bouquet of thistles. This spiky,purple little flower represents resilience, strength, determination, protection and pride. For the Aries mom who wants a perfume flower try honeysuckle. They bloom early
spring through the blistering cold, and just like Aries, they are sturdy and durable. Honeysuckles represent pure happiness, making them a beautiful addition to your Aries’ life. Getting Mother Day’s flower arrangements has never been easier with this guide. Be sure to pick up your flowers NYC at Lucy’s Flowers, the best local florist Brooklyn has seen!