Oh, the holiday season. The one time of year the world comes together to celebrate peace, love, and joy on our little green and blue planet. The green part is the most prominent this time of year. The Christmas colors, the Christmas tree, the Grinch. There’s an abundance of green and you can extend that to your gift list. Think plants and flowers. Many cultures have various holiday flowers and plants, making them a suitable and sustainable present to anybody—young and old! There’s so much to do in terms of gifting and decorating with greenery this holiday season. From cheap flowers to make a personal arrangement or purchasing a florist made Christmas floral arrangement, like from Lucy’s Flowers, a local Brooklyn florist who does flower delivery, especially for those of us who are extra busy this time of year. Don’t miss out on green flowers and plants in your life this Christmas season. Speaking of green flowers, in Ireland, they have a holiday flower called the Bells of Ireland. Shaped like little Christmas bells, this fresh flower offers merriment to all that witness them. They offer a gorgeous addition to any Christmas boutique. Bells of Ireland represent good luck in Ireland and symbolize good wishes ahead! Perfect to ring in the closure of the year of old and welcome in the New Year. If you’re into the classics of the season try your local florist for some mistletoe for a chic and small floral addition to your life. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to share a kiss with that special someone. Another little green plant or two that are popular around this time of year are ivy and holly. Usually paired together, ivy is seen as the female partner and holly as the male partner. You can order flowers online and deck the halls as you sing your Christmas carols! If you require a last-minute flower delivery, try Poinsettias! The most notable Christmas flower, you can find these everywhere around this time of year. Visit your local florist designer and grab some today. Lastly, the most famous Christmas plant is the evergreen tree! Fresh balsam fragrance will perfume your home this holiday season. The ultimate smell of Christmas. You can decorate your tree with dried florals from winter floral arrangements you’ve received throughout the season. The first step is to get some floral bouquets to decorate your tree with. New York City florist Lucy’s Flowers has a floral shop that offers an assortment of boutique flowers. She offers same day flowers so you can enjoy these flowers ASAP and then decorate the time Christmas comes around. If you want dried flowers try the Antique White arrangement. It consists of beautifully dried blossoms that can be placed anywhere in the home or in your tree. Or if you prefer to wait and enjoy some fresh flowers, Winter Love is for you. This bouquet offers an icy-tone allure with ivory shades of White Tibet Roses and Yellow Ranunculus. Foliage of Dusty Miller Leaf and black berries add a touch of sophistication that completes this floral arrangement. For those who prefer a little more color, may I suggest the Warm Sensations. This ravishing bouquet includes succulents, lilies, roses, and anthuriums with accents of berries and greenery. Warm Sensations is sure to warm you up this holiday season with its beauty. Once your bouquets dry out you can start decorating your Christmas tree! Take your dried flowers and carefully separate them into mini bouquets of 3-5 flowers. Tether them together with twine for a rustic look or satin ribbon for a refined approach. Trim the stems if needed. Place in the desired location in your evergreen tree. Add some dried citrus, such as lemons or oranges, to add a fresh scent and pop of color to your tree. After that, enjoy your chic naturally decorated tree. Make sure to check out the best NYC florist, Lucy’s Flowers this holiday season. Happy holidays!