Lucy’s passion for flowers started during her childhood when she and her grandmother arranged gorgeous floral designs and bouquets among the scenic and aromatic splendors of her family’s countryside flower gardens. 

At her eponymous flower shop, Lucy hand makes bouquets and arrangements for all occasions and uses only the freshest flowers. And, of course, her wedding creations include bridal bouquets. Here are the five most popular flowers for bridal bouquets in the U.S.

1. Roses

You simply can’t go wrong with these beauties, especially with the hybrid tea, spray and garden genres. Though over 3,000 varieties are grown commercially, not all of them are scented. This species of flower is a wedding all-star, and their dazzling looks and enchanting aromas match their allegory for romantic emotion, beauty and passion. 

2. Tulips

Tulips are ideal because of their versatile colors, including white, cream, pink, yellow, peach, magenta, red, orange and purple. At least one of those hues will match or complement your wedding’s color theme. Dutch, French and parrot tulips are the most often choices for nuptials. 

3. Calla Lilies

Also known as the arum lily, these blossoms represent “magnificent beauty” in the language of flowers. The calla lily has been illustrated in works of art nouveau, art deco and 20th-century photography. Creamy ivory is the No. 1 color pick; other choices are yellow, orange, mauve pink and dark purple.

4. Lily of the Valleys

The scent of these delicate bell-shaped florets is definitely unique and swoon-worthy. Kate Middleton included them in her 2011 wedding bouquet that was seen ’round the world. They can also be rosy-pink.

5. Hydrangeas

It’s tough to resist their intense shades of pink, blue, burgundy and purple. Blooming hydrangea bushes are one of the most anticipated and loved aspects of spring. They come in white, green, pink, burgundy and blue.

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