Flowers make the perfect gift for almost every occasion, whether it’s an anniversary, birthday or just because. But did you know that tradition dictates certain types of floral arrangements to commemorate different events? The scents, colors, patterns and shapes of different flowers have come to symbolize different aspects of the human experience.

Flowers Symbolizing Romance 

On Valentine’s Day in the United States, around 250 million red roses are sold each year! The deep, velvety red petals of a rose are unparalleled in their representation of passionate, romantic love. The symbolism of the rose may have its roots in Greek mythology, when Aphrodite’s tears mixed with the blood of her lover Adonis, giving rise to a rose bush. Since then, roses have been the symbol of love in everything from great works of literature to pop songs. 

Flowers Symbolizing Friendship

If you’re celebrating a friend, whether it’s their birthday, a thank you or a special life event, yellow is the way to go. Big, beautiful sunflowers are known to represent loyalty and admiration. Yellow roses can also be a vibrant, cheery choice to add to your buddy’s bouquet. You can show your devotion by throwing some Peurivan lilies into your arrangement- in fact these tall three petaled flowers have been nicknamed “Yellow Friendship.”

Flowers Symbolizing Sympathy

Flowers can be an uplifting in times of grief, and a bouquet can be a sincere way to express your condolences. White flowers, including lilies, white roses and orchids, can symbolize renewal and bring about a sense of peace. Sprinkle some hope into your bereavement bouquet with vibrant chrysanthemums and blush pink gladioli.  


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