Long gone are the nippy winds of winter, here’s the springing sun and all its sultry glory.
In bloom are birthdays, gatherings, baby showers and the coveted: wedding season. Whether in
Central Park or parks in Brooklyn, flowers are here to stay. Check out Lucy’s Flowers for fresh
and chic bouquets. Lucy is a local Brooklyn florist who’s been in the business and knows how to
assist all your flower needs, including flower delivery! For all the events taking place over this
warm season, you’ll need to know how to properly take care of the fresh flowers; whether gifting
or receiving! For this article we will focus on the holy grail bouquet for the bohemian
This free spirit’s bouquet will be flowing with elegant-yet-carefree florals. Such as Beige
Sahara Rose, Gumdrop Eucalyptus, Juliet Garden Rose, Bluestar, Freesia, Persian Buttercup,
Apricot Statice, and Ginestra. Give or take, tweak this arrangement to speak your flowering
language. They also look sensational when bestrewed in tresses from braids, up-dos, curls to
eye-catching flower crowns.
Now for proper fresh flower care. Flowers, though a work of beauty, must be preserved
with the correct measures when they enter our care. Bacteria and fungi can rot your precious
blossoms, causing a foul scent and unsightly view.
First, get a clean vase and quality water. Any hard minerals in your water will shorten
the lifespan of your flowers. Make sure to use warm water, a little above room temp. Second, use
the provided flower food, making sure to follow all given directions. This food is formulated for
the longevity and health of the bouquet. Be sure to pick up extra flower food from your flower
Next, re-cut the stems, removing about an inch with a sharp knife or garden clippers on a
slant. Cutting on a slant allows for better water flow into the flowers, making them last longer. A
pair of scissors will not do, for they can crush the stem.
Remove all leaves below the waterline. These will rot in the water causing bacteria to
grow. Do not remove all the leaves though— some are needed as a part of the flower’s hydration
method. Do this gently and your bouquet will thank you by lasting days on end. Store in a cool
temperature room.
Finally, repeat the steps of freshening the flowers when need be, usually every couple
days. Or when you see the water getting too low or getting cloudy. Enjoy your bouquet this
season with Lucy’s Flowers, your local flower shop owner, who delivers the best flowers for
Note: Remove any flowers that look wilted. Do not keep flowers in a direct source of
heat, sunlight, or fruit for this can deteriorate the flowers.