Flowers often go undetected in our environments yet have the ability to brighten any space up
tenfold. Gifted after dance recitals, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, funerals— behold the flowers. Nature’s gifts to us have a profound influence on our mental well-being, flowers have invited the happiest of emotions. When 147 women received gifts of candles, fruit baskets or bouquets, the ones who received flowers showed the Duchenne smile, the most genuine of smiles. Flowers speak to our need for life and thankfully, have a language all their own, to convey human emotions symbolically. Coined as “floriography” translating to the language of flowers, bloomed in the Victoria era alongside botany.
Flowers continued to be a recurring motif in works of art from literature, painting, photography and of course floral arrangements. Take popular series like The Big Flower Fight and Full Bloom that showcase talented florists and their creative skillset to turn blossoms to magical works of art. The rise of flower shops and florists skyrocketed throughout the centuries.The language of flowers is ever-present in the craft of handpicking the flowers, each one selected with a meaningful intention. You too can learn the languages of flowers, impressing all your family and friends with your knowledge of this timeless pastime. And create cheap flower arrangements or come up with some lavish bouquets for you flowers, all on your own— or of course order flower delivery from Lucy’s Flowers located in NYC. She also does
the best online flower delivery and online orders so you can shop flowers from the comfort of your home. Her flower designs will be sure to fit whatever occasion you need, for yourself or to send flowers to loved ones.Everyone knows the classical pairing of red roses and love. Each Valentine’s Day florists are sold out leading up to the day of love, especially those local florists such as Lucy’s Flowers (which you should put your flower order in for next year ASAP)!This is the most basic example of floriography, that red roses represent romantic love,
desire, passion to gift to your lover.
Some other red flowers include amaryllis, named after a Greek maiden and means “to sparkle”.
They represent success, strength and determination due to their height and substantial shape. Amaryllis are popular to give during the holiday season after a year of painstaking achievements.Poppies, another red blossom that represents eternal sleep. They are known for their narcotic properties and oftentimes used to make opium. Greek mythology details poppies growing in the land of the dead and associated with Persephone, the queen of the underworld. There are many ways to speak the language of flowers when coupled with other flower types. Take amaryllis for example, pair it with hydrangeas to show boastful pride or clematis to represent cleverness. Or poppies that can be matched with snowdrop and dahlia to mark the grave of a loved one, the ideal sympathy flowers.The color purple is the color of royalty, mysticism, and luxury. And in flowers it amplifies by ten to bring you majestic energy. Lilacs are a classic pick, associated with first love if in a light purple hue.The deeper violet hues are a motif for spirituality, perfect for celebrating full moons or astronomical
events with your besties. Seeking luck and protection? Look no further than heathers. These flowers originate in Scottish folklore with Malvina, a beautiful woman, who was betrothed to a warrior named Oscar. Oscar was dying in battle and requested the purple heather to be sent to Malvia,his bride to be, as a symbol of his undying love. When her tears spilled on the heather it turned white, and became a token of good fortune and protection to all who have it. Pair it with roses when beginning a new relationship.If you want to celebrate someone special and regal, consider purchasing orchids that are said to be the queen of the flower kingdom. Their delicate and striking petals symbolize admiration, respect, and royalty.Brooklyn florist Lucy at Lucy Flowers has beautiful bouquet flowers consisting of these exotic blooms,which are breathtaking flowers for weddings. If you’re looking for high spirits and levity look towards
larkspur. These violet buds are said to resemble the feet of larks, and the larks’sweet light songs will lift you up just like the purple petals of the plant. Pair with protea to represent brighter days to come and have a floral delivery in Brooklyn if you’re in the area or visit a flower shop! All New Yorkers know the yellow daffodils of Central Park that pop up each spring. Yellow is the color of friendliness, joy, warmth, and optimism. Daffodils symbolize new beginnings, good luck,and rebirth; fitting for the sun making its way in the springtime. Speaking of the sun, the sunflower is perfect to have around if you seek happiness, intelligence, vitality, and friendship in your life. Sunflowers pair well with chrysanthemums, a fellow golden bud. If you wish to gift someone a flower of good luck try a cowslip. Meaning “winning grace”, the history behind it comes from Saint Peter, who accidentally
dropped the keys to heaven which landed on earth. It then turned to the flower cowslip and resembled the keys. It is said those who find the flowers can win grace and enter the eternal paradise. Couple cowslip with hawthorn for aspiration for a new project or with honeysuckle when meeting your partner’s parents for the first time.
Now that you know about floriography, you’ll be able to seek more knowledge about your
favorite flowers and what they symbolize. And use flowers as another method to communicate your feelings towards others and yourself. Where you can get the finest flower delivery sent to you from Lucy’s Flowers located in Brooklyn for floral arrangements!