Few people are as versed in and passionate about flowers as Lucy. Her love for them started early. By the time she was 12 years old, she had already begun creating stunning bouquets. Lucy went on to be schooled in the art of flower design by masters of floristry. She continued enriching her proficiency in the art of flowers when she worked at a number of flower shops and took more classes on floral design. She extended her education while living in the glamourous cities of Brussels and then Paris. Now, in Brooklyn, her life is dedicated to what she lovingly calls “these scented gifts from nature.”

Any occasion at which table centerpieces and/or arrangements of fresh flowers can be placed are sure to enhance the visual and aromatic atmosphere. Let Lucy create one or more for you!

Garden-fresh flowers create gorgeous, colorful and unique table decor. They’re a simple and effective way to add excitement to tables and to enhance festive room furnishings. Colorful arrangements make a statement, brighten up room decorations and lend a shining personality to the rest of the event’s adornments.

All of Lucy’s table centerpieces are unique, attractive and versatile, as well as suitable for any affair, from holidays and celebrations to formal business events and meetings. “Scented gifts from nature” are the favorite and most festive table embellishments for any special gathering. Hint: Red roses or carnations symbolize passion, so they’re perfect for romantic occasions, such as weddings, Valentine’s Day wedding showers and engagement parties.

Lucy’s shop is at 592 Johnson Avenue in Brooklyn. Please call (646-508-4544) or email (lucysflowersnyc@gmail.com) Lucy if you have a floral design in mind. Lucy’s Flowers delivers to the New York City area. Follow the store on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, and join the newsletter’s mailing list for discounts, coupons and updates!