As the days grow longer, the more blossoms flood not only our timelines, but our local
flower stores and homes. Lucy’s Flowers offers the touch of nature during the solar months with her elegant bouquets. Here are the sunkissed floras that are must-haves this summer! Summering by the lake, when the soft blue sky turns into shades of pink-lavender— the world looks as magnificent as Monet’s masterpieces: the water lilies. These aquatic flowers are the darlings of the sunshine months, thriving in the tropics. Water lilies come in kaleidoscopic colors: from brilliant purples, pinks, blues to dreamy yellows and whites. They are striking center pieces on your tables during a dinner party or living on your nightstand. Either way, these flowers will be works of art that lull you to tranquility this season. Ruby red and resurrecting every summer: the popular poppy. Symbolic for sleep, due to its sedative qualities and scarlet hue, these florals will bring you peace and joy this summer. Their edible seeds can be found at your local bakery with the notorious poppy-seed bagel, which you can also plant a DIY garden with these tiny seeds with some TLC, and have a red sea all your neighbors will be envious of. Or if that seems like too much work, head over to Lucy’s Flowers, located in Brooklyn, NY and enjoy the Ozian blossoms ASAP!
My eyes, want you more than a melody… of a beautiful flower – sunflower. The sweetest words from Mr. Harry Styles, he has the right idea. Sunflowers have been admired for their geometric pattern for centuries and grow best with direct sunlight in moist soil. These flowers are staples for the summertime, the emblem of the sun itself. Bright, cheery, golden-yellow, tall, and capativing: this summer is incomplete without a sundress and bouquet of sunflowers as you stroll through the city. The perfect accessory to hand out to passerbys or put by the kitchen windowsill as you daydream about summer love. Speaking of summer love, some sunflower lore goes back to the Hellenistic period: the nymph Clytie changed into sunflower after yearning for the sun god, Helios. What is a girl to do but turn into a beautiful flower to catch the eye (and heart) of the ruler of the sun. Thankfully, we can go to the florist when we want to get our flower fix and still bask in the sun’s light (fully human).
Indigo is the color of the summer, rich and regal looking. And delphiniums fit the bill, a blend between an iris and bluebell, blooming in late spring and early summer. They are favorites of bumblebees and butterflies, who will be sure to visit your home if you have these by the window or in your garden. The floras have been used to make blue ink, their deep color being positively alluring. One of the most compelling facts about delphiniums is their scent; ranging from licorice to bubblegum. Sweet on the eyes and nose, a confectionery dream to have these in your presence. Delphiniums are the flowers of July and symbolize an open heart, like its astrological sign of Cancer. Both are welcoming sweethearts who want to spread goodwill to all, big and small. If you’re one for showcasing your impeccable taste, look no further than the snapdragon!
Named because of its shape resembling the shape of a dragon head, these buds will captivate anyone who lays eyes on them in your household. They bloom in the winter and continue to grow more beautiful as the weather heats up. Snapdragon’s colors will brighten any mood coming in an array of pinks, purples, oranges, reds, yellows, which is fitting since they originate in the multicolored countrysides of Spain and Italy. These flowers represent graciousness to whoever possesses them. They are ideal for flower pressing with their unique shape and myriad of colors; an easy and trendy activity to do on a warm day with some friends and a few glasses of wine. Lastly, these flowers were known to protect against harm in folklore. If you don’t have snapdragons in your life, now is the time to familiarize yourself with their beauty! Summer is the time to appreciate flowers in all their floral glory. Get floral delivery or stop by your local florist (or Lucy’s Flowers if you’re in NYC) and snatch up a bouquet to enjoy during these dog days.