Here comes the bride! With the summer months on the horizon, the
flowers come into full bloom and so does wedding season! Curated in the
heart of Brooklyn, Lucy’s Flowers creates floral designs that embody both
fashion and function. Lucy’s love language is flowers and her bridal bouquets
speak for themselves. Whether you’re the traditional or modern bride, the
Brooklyn florist tells your story through her bespoke bridal bouquets. Her
floral arrangements are tailored to meet the unique needs of her clients and
her one-of-a-kind bridal bouquets surely convey that message.
Lucy interweaves her heart and skill into each of her creations. If
you’re looking for a floral affair to remember, look no further. Our summer
flower guide will provide you with everything you need to know when
choosing flowers for your summer wedding! Flowers have become the
highlight of these milestone events and Lucy’s simple yet passionate
approach brings the beauty of her floral arrangements to life.

Summer Floral Guide:
Hydrangea: Known for their vibrant hues of blue that fill the gardens,
hydrangea make the perfect flower for the classic bridal bouquet. Hydrangea
are an ornamental plant that produce timeless, elegant, full flowers and give
the appearance of grandeur in any floral arrangement. Although they are
noticed in gardens as cloud-shaped, shades of blue, they are commonly white.
And while white hydrangea are ideal for the traditional bride, the
experimental bride may want a variety of vibrant pink or purple hydrangea in
her bridal bouquet. Whether your style is old-fashioned or free-spirited, our
Brooklyn flower shop can curate a hydrangea based bouquet that speaks to
any bride’s heart!
Peonies: If you’re looking for flowers that make a fashion statement and are
in high demand, peonies are the flower of the season. Peonies are fragrant,
full-petaled flowers that are pretty in pink! These romantic blooms are a
popular choice at weddings for brides as they are symbolic of love. Talk
about the love language of flowers! Peonies are a like a love letter to the
world and they perfectly convey their message in any floral arrangement. Let
our Brooklyn flower shop tell your floral fairy-tale with peonies!

Garden Roses: These one-of-a-kind roses are exclusive as they are hybrid
flowers that come in many varieties. Grown in private and public gardens,
garden roses speak to the bride that wants an original, custom design for her
wedding bouquet. Similar to peonies, they have a lovely perfume like scent.
They differ from the standard rose as they are larger in size. While some
garden roses have a vintage feel to them, others have a modern aesthetic as
they are multi-colored. As roses are the epitome of love, nothing says “I do”
more than a garden rose in your bridal bouquet! Call Lucy’s Flowers at
646-508-4544 today to find out which types of garden roses are in stock at
our Brooklyn location! Or come visit our flower shop at 592 Johnson Avenue
in Brooklyn NY! We are in close proximity with NYC and offer flower
delivery for the NYC area!