The commercial flower industry is responsible for supplying billions of stems each year for all kinds of occasions but we rarely consider the outstanding logistics that are needed to sustain this when picking up a bunch at the local market. Taking steps towards a more sustainable flower industry is something everyone can be a part of. One way for the consumer to participate in shaping a greener industry is by buying flowers and plants in season. Doing so puts less pressure on designers and retailers to use imports in their arrangements and creates a greater demand for locally grown products.
This Winter consider filling your home and office with forced bulbs and flowering branches instead of perpetuating the long distance love affair with conventional chemical laden blooms. Ring in the New Year responsibly with a holiday table centerpiece of seasonal and locally grown ranunculus, anemone, and snapdragons in any shade you want because being too traditional at times can be boring! Let your festive style reflect your personality and your values this year with seasonal blooms and be even merrier than you could have imagined. 
In the same way we follow traditions at different times of the year so too do certain flowers shine brightest when in season. Placing an importance on sustainable choices, particularly when they are readily available if you ask your florist, can warm the home and the heart this holiday season.
Happy Holidays from Lucy’s Flowers